Tulsa, Oklahoma Operations

Formerly Tulsa Machine Works, CoorsTek Tulsa precision machines heavy-duty crankshafts commonly used in oilfield pumps, stationary engines, and other large-size machining, grinding, polishing, etc.

Precision-Machined and Finished Crankshafts

CoorsTek Tulsa offers exceptionally high-qaulity components as 90 percent of our employees are craftsmen with years of experience and a strong understanding of what is required by their customers. Additionally, we use state-of-the-art cnc machines, grinders, mills, polishers, and inspection equipment.

Internal Milling

GFM Custom semi-finished crankshafts offering sizes up to 18" O.D. and 350" long.

crankshaft internal milling

CNC Machining

Multiple lathes and mills 24" O.D.

cnc machinging of crankshafts

Crankshaft Grinding and Inspection

Precision grinding throws and mains with tolerances to 0.0001"

precision crankshaft inspection

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CoorsTek Tulsa, Oklahoma Operations
2438 N. Columbia Place
Tulsa, OK 74110