Tokyo, Japan Sales & Service Office

Offering the full range of CoorsTek Advanced Ceramic Components and Assemblies

Ready to serve customers in Japan and beyond, our Tokyo, Japan office understands advanced technical ceramics and brings substantial experience to ensure best-fit and premium-performance components for virtually any application.

Semiconductor Bonding Tools

Gaiser® Brand Precision Bonding Tools
CoorsTek offers advanced Gaiser precision bonding tools and other custom ceramic micro-components primarily to the semiconductor industry including:

Fine-Pitch Ceramic Capillaries
We invented the ceramic capillary and continue to refine and improve our class-leading designs with state-of-the-art process and material innovations.

Broad Selection of Ceramic Wire Wedges

  • Small Wire Wedges
  • Large Wire Wedges
  • Standard Wire Wedges
  • Deep-Access Wedges
  • Ribbon Wedges

Single Point TAB Tools
Designed specifically for optimal compatibility with ultrasonic energy, our tape automated bonding tools are available in tungsten carbide with Cermet or diamond tips.

Die Collets and Vacuum Pick-Up Tools
Our static-dissipative ceramic materials ensure superior performance.

Parallel Gap Electrodes
Available for Unitek, Houghes, and custom designs

Custom Micro-Components
We're known for our extensive micro-molding and machining capabilities with exceptionally hard materials. Bring your design challenge to our team of ceramics experts today!

Facility Address

CoorsTek Japan GDK
Space G-1 6F, 2-40-2 Ikebukuro
Toshima-KU Tokyo 171-0014