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Ceramic Armor / Military Defense & Security

CoorsTek produces ceramic armor components used as the ballistic armor (armour) strikeface of lightweight composite armor systems. CeraShield™ ceramics, working in conjunction with an appropriate backing system, can defeat various threats including armor-piercing rounds and IEDs. Typical ceramic composite armor systems, at approximately half the weight, outperform similar steel-based systems. These systems are frequently used in body armor, vehicle armor, and aircraft armor.

Ceramic Body Armor Components

CoorsTek has manufactured advanced ceramic body armor components for over three decades and works with the industry's top armor integrators to develop next-generation body armor to protect soldiers of today and tomorrow. learn more arrows

Ground Vehicle Ceramic Armor Components

CoorsTek supplies custom ceramic armor components for use in vehicle protection systems. Our lightweight materials help to increase efficiency while meeting or exceeding the performance of traditional steel-based systems. learn more arrows

Aircraft Ceramic Armor Panels

We provide some of the lightest armor components known to man by developing specialty materials and processes for superior ballistic performance with minimal weight addition. learn more arrows

Ceramic Armor for Marine Applications

CoorsTek provides custom ceramic shapes and composite ceramic tile panels for both military and commercial-grade armored boat applications. learn more arrows

Future Materials and Systems Development

Our Research and Development team works tirelessly with some of the world's best armor integrators to develop next-generation protective armor systems. Like nearly every market CoorsTek participates in, we are the silent partner that enables tomorrow's technology. learn more arrows

Armor Integration Services

For our customers requiring a comprehensive armor solution, CoorsTek subsidiaries, CoorsTek Armor Solutions (US only) and DEW Engineering and Development develop complete, next-generation protective armor systems. learn more arrows

CeraShield Ceramic Armor Brochure

Four-page brochure covering ceramic armor plates, tiles, materials, and more. download now arrows