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Ceramic Body Armor Components

CoorsTek has manufactured advanced ceramic body armor components for over three decades and works with the industry's top armor integrators to develop next-generation body armor to protect soldiers of today and tomorrow.

Superior Lightweight Protection Using Next-Generation Ceramic Torso Plates
CoorsTek offers lightweight, superior-quality torso plates in a wide variety of shapes, sizes,
thicknesses, and materials including:
  • CeraShield™ High-Density Aluminum Oxides
    • The traditional monolithic plate material, CoorsTek offers extremely high-volume, multi-facility production capacity
    • Standard sizes and shapes including all SAPI sizes.
    • Custom thicknesses available from 1 mm and up

  • CeraShield Silicon Carbides
    • Superior hardness for advanced threats
    • Lower weight with higher performance benefits

  • CeraShield Boron Carbides
    • Lowest density for ultra-lightweight designs

Representative examples of our standard plates are illustrated below. Most sizes and shapes are offered in all CeraShield materials. Custom shapes, sizes, and thicknesses are readily manufactured to customer specification.

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CeraShield RB-B4C Brochure

One of our toughest, lightest weight ceramic materials designed for advanced threats. download now arrows

CeraShield Ceramics Brochure

Four-page brochure covering ceramic armor plates, tiles, materials, and more. download now arrows

Standard and Custom Shapes

SAPI Plates
CoorsTek Ceramic 
      Armor SAPI Body Plates

Front Plates – Double Curve

Ceramic Front Body Armor Plates Image

Front Plates – Multi Curve

Ceramic Front Armor Plates - Double Curve

Back Plates – Double Curve

Ceramic Armor Back Plates Double Curve Image

Back Plates – Triple Curve

Ceramic Armor Back Plates - triple curve

Groin Plates

Ceramic Armor Groin Plates Image