Precision Electronic Components and Systems

CoorsTek offers a wide variety of electronic components – from high-performance, ultra-pure ceramic substrates to ESD-safe ceramic and plastic components, we help our customers build next-generation electronics technologies.

Ceramic Substrates | Ceramic Film

Starting with high-purity materials, CoorsTek offers a variety of high-performance substrates for various applications including thin, mid, and thick films. learn more arrows

Computer Peripherals

Custom-engineered ceramic shapes requiring tight dimensional tolerances, highly polished surface finishes, mechanical strength and high resistance to wear. Ceramic shapes include magnetic tape guides, cleaner blades, wear discs and insulators. learn more arrows

Electron Tube Components

CoorsTek provides custom high-purity, long-wearing alumina custom shapes with or without metallization and specialized brazing and joining for specialized applications. learn more arrows

Epoxy Seal Lids

A long-time supplier of epoxy seal lids for electronic packages, CoorsTek understands the intricacies of manufacturing extremely durable and reliable lids. learn more arrows

Heat Sinks and Thermal Tiles

A natural choice for both electrical insulation and heat diffusion, our ThermTile™ ceramic tiles and films serve the power generation industry and are used to lower the power chip’s operating temperature by dissipating heat build-up. learn more arrows

Laser Components

CoorsTek CeraLase™ ceramic materials are designed specifically for superior-performance custom laser components.learn more arrows

Machining Services

CoorsTek offers a variety of machining services to meet your prototyping and production-level needs. learn more arrows

Metallized Components & Assemblies

CoorsTek understands ceramic-to-metal and glass-to-metal joining and assemblies. Whether you are adding an electronic circuit path to one of our high-purity substrates or joining a metal component with ceramic and bonding a feedthrough, our metallization and joining experts help you select the most effective and cost-efficient method and material. learn more arrows

Microelectronic Components

High alumina and other ceramics are used for active and passive electronic components such as resistors, capacitors, hybrid circuits, sensors and other critical devices. These devices are used in automotive electronics, telecommunications, medical, computers, and a large variety of electronic instruments and consumer appliances. learn more arrows

Sensor Ceramics

CoorsTek leads the market in ceramic sensor components. For over three decades, CoorsTek has helped OEMs and their suppliers select the best design, material, process, and secondary services to ensure exceptionally high quality and high-performance sensor components. learn more arrows

Specialty Coatings

CoorsTek manufactures a variety of specialty coatings for semiconductor, electronic, and other applications. ArcResist Protective Coating offers tailorable dissipative or conductive properties on a variety of electronic devices, including x-ray/XRF/XRD, end effector, and ESD critical applications. learn more arrows

Wire & Cabling

Using advanced ceramic materials, superior product design, and a top-notch service team, CoorsTek helps wire and cable manufacturers save money with longer-lasting, higher-performance wire production components. learn more arrows