Medical & Scientific Labware made with Ceramic and Porcelain

Chemical and Scientific Labware Products

One of the original and oldest product lines for CoorsTek focuses on chemical-porcelain produced in a variety of ceramic materials. These materials offer thermal-shock resistance, prolonged life, hardness, and refractory qualities. Mortars and pestles, boats, crucibles, cups, and dishes are just a few of the products offered.

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Relevant Literature:

Porcelain and Ceramic Labware Catalog

Since the early 20th century, CoorsTek has provided high-qulaity, American-made labware. This comprehensive catalog lists the various types and grades of chemical labware. PDF Document, 16 Pages (342 KB) download now arrows

Porcelain and Ceramic Labware Pricelist

This document lists the current year pricing for porcelain and high-alumina ceramic labware components and assemblies. PDF Document, 4 Pages (206 KB) download now arrows

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