Advanced Components for High-Performance Machinery

CoorsTek specializes in enhancing product performance using engineered materials and advanced manufacturing methods. From our Cerbec® silicon nitride ball bearings to our Albuz® ceramic nozzles for agricultural watering and fertilizer disbursement, we help design engineers all over the world make high-performance machinery. Contact us for your next project!

Alumina Ceramic Tubes and Rods

Enhance performance and product life by using the material best suited to YOUR application CoorsTek materials professionals help you choose from a multitude of advanced ceramics. learn more arrows

Balls and Ball Bearings

Genuine Cerbec® silicon nitride balls are used in processing equipment to improve bearing performance. Cerbec balls are lighter, stiffer, smoother, harder, corrosion resistant, require less lubrication, and have a lower thermal expansion than their steel counterparts which allow the bearing to run at higher speeds, higher operational temperatures with lower torque. Cerbec balls are better in oscillation, extreme temperature and are extremely durable. learn more arrows

Bearings & Bushings

The use of engineering polymers in dynamic load-bearing applications has helped revolutionize virtually all mechanical products. learn more arrows

CoorsTek Electrosurgical Components

Blades, Tools, and Components

CoorsTek uses advanced zirconias, aluminas, silicon carbides, boron carbides, ESD-safe, and hybrid ceramic materials to manufacture ceramic blades and cutting tools which last up to 100 times longer than traditional steel and 20% longer than tungsten carbide. learn more arrows

Electron Tubes and Components

CoorsTek provides custom high-purity, long-wearing alumina custom shapes with or without metallization and specialized brazing and joining for applications. learn more arrows

insulators and vacuum interruptors

Thermally stable, electrically resistive, and extremely durable, these components ensure relaible performance from the moment they are installed. learn more arrows

Grinding Media

Long-lasting, and incredibly wear resistant, our ceramic grinding media is ideal for bulk coal and other material preparation, sand manufacturing, cement mixing, surface finishing, paint mixing, and much more. learn more arrows

Industrial Heating

Ceramics perform beautifully in extreme-heat environments. Chemically inert, these materials are dimensionally and structurally stable in a wide range of temperatures and retain or dissipate heat based upon the design and material selected. learn more arrows

Linings, Ceramic Tile

CoorsTek offers advanced aluminas, carbides, and hybrid materials to ensure maximum life on all your abrasive handling equipment like chutes, silos, fans, hydrocyclones, pipe elbows, etc. learn more arrows

Nozzles, Agricultural Albuz® Brand Ceramic

CoorsTek supplies ceramic components and reconditioning services for ceramic dewatering elements and ceramic cleaner cones to the paper manufacturing industry. learn more arrows

Specialty Valves & Valve Components

We offer extremely durable, high-performance pump components including plungers, plunger packaing, rods, valves, plates, and more. learn more arrows

Precision Measurement Components

CoorsTek offers a full line of metrology and machine components. A high stiffness-to-weight ratio and micron-level precision makes our ceramic beams and stage components the standard for applications like coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), semi-conductor processing and inspection, and high-speed electronics assembly. learn more arrows

Seal Faces, Ceramic

CoorsTek supplies extreme-duty hard-face seals (mechanical seals) ideal for rigors of chemical processing. You can rely on our chemically resistant ceramic blends to ensure a long-life component. learn more arrows

Plastic Seals

Seals, Plastic

Energized PTFE seals offer extreme-temperature, high-pressure, chemically inert, static and dynamic seals for the most demanding applications. In addition to our spring-energized seals, we boast a large selection of rings, plain seals, and other components. learn more arrows

Substrates, Film Ceramic

Starting with high-purity materials, CoorsTek offers a variety of high-performance substrates for various applications including thin, mid, and thick films. learn more arrows

Precision Valves

Valves & Valve Components

We offer extremely durable, high-performance pump components including plungers, plunger packaing, rods, valves, plates, and more.
. learn more arrows

Wire & Cabling Components

Using advanced ceramic materials, superior product design, and a top-notch service team, CoorsTek helps wire and cable manufacturers save money with longer-lasting, higher-performance wire production components. learn more arrows

Advanced Secondary Services

CoorsTek provides the value-added services to ensure optimal value, performance, and delivery.

Lapping and Polishing

CoorsTek offers superior polishing and lapping services for roughened or mirror-smooth polish – depending upon your needs. learn more arrows

Laser Machining

We have an extensive laser machining capability for whatever volume you can send our way. From vias, lines, scoring or other machining, we're ready to perform. learn more arrows


Whether you are adding an electronic circuit path to one of our high-purity substrates or joining a metal component with ceramic, our metallization and joining experts help you select the most effective method. learn more arrows

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