Industrial Heating

Advanced Thermal Ceramics

Ceramics find themselves in a multitude of applications where thermal problems exist. Because of alumina's characteristic to support its own weight at elevated temperatures, many applications where other materials will not hold up are a cinch for ceramics. CoorsTek ceramics are used for thermocouple tubes, furnace and kiln refractory, and several other high temperature or wide operating temperature range applications.

Ceramic Tubes & Rods

Enhance performance and product life by using the material best suited to YOUR application CoorsTek materials professionals help you choose from a multitude of advanced ceramics. learn more arrows

Ceramic Substrates | Ceramic Film

Starting with high-purity materials, CoorsTek offers a variety of high-performance substrates for various applications including thin, mid, and thick films. learn more arrows

Custom Components & Assemblies

Using a variety of high-performance materials and a broad range of forming and finsihing capabilities, CoorsTek offers high-temperature custom ceramic components and quick-turn prototyping. learn more arrows

Ceramic Microelectronic Components

High alumina and other ceramics are used for active and passive electronic components such as resistors, capacitors, hybrid circuits, sensors and other critical devices. These devices are used in automotive electronics, telecommunications, medical, computers, and a large variety of electronic instruments and consumer appliances. learn more arrows