Heavy-Duty Components for Metal Manufacturing,
Mining, and Minerals Processing Applications

We offer a variety of engineered materials designed for harsh-duty environments. From metal manufacturing foundry filters to honeycomb chemical supports, CoorsTek helps you select the best-performance, lowest cost material and design to suite your application.

Ceramic Catalyst Media and Supports

Consistent, pressed catalyst media for superior performance available in steaties, aluminas, and silicon carbides. learn more arrows

Ceramic Chemical Converters, Supports, Gauzes, Ferrules

Superior chemical, corrosion, and thermal shock resistance, we offer converters for a a wide variety of applications including solutions developed specifically for the Hydrocyanic Acid Manufacturing and Nitrous Oxide Abatement.learn more arrows

Ceramic Grinding Media

Long-lasting, and incredibly wear resistant, our ceramic grinding media is ideal for bulk coal and other material preparation, sand manufacturing, cement mixing, surface finishing, paint mixing, and much more. learn more arrows

Ceramic Labware

Sine the early 1900's, CoorsTek has produced high-quality, American-made porcelain and ceramic labware. These products offer thermal-shock resistance, prolonged life, hardness, and refractory qualities. Mortars and pestles, boats, crucibles, cups, and dishes are just a few of the products offered. learn more arrows

Ceramic Tubes & Rods

Ideal for thermostat and thermocouple applications, enhance performance and product life by using the material best suited to YOUR application. CoorsTek materials professionals help you choose from a multitude of advanced ceramics. learn more arrows

Ceramic Wear Components & Linings

CoorsTek offers advanced aluminas, carbides, and hybrid materials to ensure maximum life on all your abrasive handling equipment like chutes, silos, fans, hydrocyclones, pipe elbows, etc learn more arrows

Flow-Rite® Ceramic Foundry Filters

Mullite-based ceramic material and cellular design provide perfectly round cells, resist thermal shock, and enable extreme pouring temperatures. Upgrade your foundry filters to Flow-Rite for increased flow and consistent pours every time. learn more arrows

CoorsTek Communications Products

Metallized Ceramic Components

CoorsTek offers secondary metallization, glazing, and brazed services for ceramic components used in the media industry including parabolic reflectors, circuit boards, antennas, and more. learn more arrows

Hard-Face Seals  |  Mechanical Seal Faces

CoorsTek supplies extreme-duty hard-face seals (mechanical seals) for rigors of the oil field. Experts the world over rely on our alumina, silicon carbide, or tungsten carbide seal faces. learn more arrows

PTFE Bearings & Bushings

The use of engineering polymers in dynamic load-bearing applications has helped revolutionize virtually all mechanical products. learn more arrows

PTFE Seals  |  Elastomeric Seals

We offer an exceptional selection of stock and custom seals including our MetaPlast II™ Spring-Energized Seals for durable, long-life components. learn more arrows


Choose from hundreds of Teflon-filled compounds to enhace your product's performance.  learn more arrows

Specialty Valves & Valve Components

We offer extremely durable, high-performance pump components including plungers, plunger packaing, rods, valves, plates, and more. learn more arrows

SurgeTek™ Pulsation Mitigation Equipment

With over four decades of pulsation system experience, we understand severe-service fluid-handling and optimize system productivity, prolong product life, and reduce unscheduled maintenance. learn more arrows

Custom Components & Assemblies

Using a variety of high-performance materials and a broad range of forming and finsihing capabilities, CoorsTek offers custom components and quick-turn prototyping. learn more arrows