High-Performance Components
for Semiconductor Applications

CoorsTek supports the semiconductor manufacturing industry by supplying advanced ceramic and plastic materials, chamber-critical components used in chip-processing equipment, and precision wire bonding tools for back-end processing.

From raw material design and production to finished and assembled components, our vertically integrated manufacturing ensures quality for each and every step of the process.

Process Equipment Components and Assemblies

Process Equipment Components & assemblies

CoorsTek provides chamber-critical components for sophisticated chip-processing equipment. These extremely high-purity, long-life components reduce contamination, increase yields, & reduce unscheduled maintenance. learn more arrows

Gaiser Precision Bonding Tools

Bonding Tools & Packaging Products

Gaiser® brand precision wire bonding tools are used in semiconductor and hybrid micro-electronics industries. These tools include ceramic capillaries, wire wedges, ribbon wedges, ceramic/cermet wedges, die collets & vacuum pick-up tools, parallel gap electrodes (PGE's), waffle tools for the disk drive industry, and other custom micro-components. learn more arrows

Ceramic Substrates | Ceramic Film

Starting with high-purity materials, CoorsTek offers a variety of high-performance substrates for various applications including thin, mid, and thick films. learn more arrows

Silicon Nitride Bearing Components

Genuine Cerbec® silicon nitride balls are used in Semiconductor processing equipment to improve bearing performance. Cerbec balls are lighter, stiffer, smoother, harder, corrosion resistant, require less lubrication and have lower thermal expansion than their steel counterparts. This allows the bearing to run at higher speeds and higher operational temperatures with less lubrication. learn more arrows

CoorsTek Semiconductor Materials

High-Performance Materials

CoorsTek designs, develops, and manufactures ultra-high-purity materials specifically for the stringent demands of semiconductor manufacturing equipment and other semiconductor applications. learn more arrows

CoorsTek ArcResist

Specialty Coatings

CoorsTek manufactures a variety of specialty coatings for semiconductor, electronic, and other applications. ArcResist Protective Coating offers tailorable dissipative or conductive properties on a variety of electronic devices, including x-ray/XRF/XRD, end effector, and ESD critical applications. learn more arrows