CoorsTek Semiconductor Gaiser Precision Bonding Tools | Inventors of the ceramic capillary

Gaiser® Superior Wire Bonding Tools
for Semiconductor Applications

For over four decades, we've served the semiconductor industry with a variety of long-life, high-quality precision tools. Established in 1962, Gaiser® originally collaborated with CoorsTek to invent the industry-changing ceramic capillary. Since then, both companies have served their segments of the semiconductor industry with a number of technical innovations leading to significant gains in quality and productivity.

In 2007, CoorsTek purchased Gaiser and continues to infuse its vast R&D, materials, and manufacturing experience to ensure the Gaiser brand remains a symbol of excellence. CoorsTek Gaiser ceramic capillaries, wedges, single-point tab tools, die collets and vacuum pick up tools are available in an extensive multitude of sizes and configurations for all applications.


We invented the ceramic capillary and continue to refine and improve our class-leading designs with state-of-the-art process and material innovations. Available in standard or fine-pitch configurations for a wide variety of wire classes, we help you select the best configuration for your applications. learn more arrows


Our CoorsTek Gaiser brand high-quality wire wedges ensure superior performance and long life. Using advanced materials and reliable processes, we offer one of the most capable and reliable wire wedges available. Available for small, large, standard, deep-access, ribbon, and other custom configurations. learn more arrows

Single-Point TAB Tools

Designed specifically for optimal compatiblity with ultrasonic energy, our tape automated bonding tools are available in tungsten carbide or titanium carbide with Cermet or diamond tips. learn more arrows

Die Collets and Vacuum Pick-Up Tools

Our vacuum die pick-and-place tools are available in low-cost Delrin®, medium-range Vespel®, tungsten carbide, or truly static dissipative CoorsTek StatSafe™ ESD01 material. learn more arrows

Parallel Gap Electrodes

Available for Unitek, Hughes, and custom deisgns, these electrodes are made using superior molybdenum, tungsten carbide, RWMA Class 2, or custom materials. learn more arrows

Disc Drive Bonding Tools

We provide disk drive bonding tools to bond both wire or traces in head gimbal assembly (HGA) and head stat assembly (HSA) applications. learn more arrows

Custom Micro-Components / Specialty Job Shop

We're known for extensive micro-molding and machining capabilities with exceptionally hard and durable materials. Bring your design challenge to our team of ceramics and cermet experts! learn more arrows

CoorsTek Gaiser History

History of Gaiser Brand

Founded in 1962, Gaiser Tool consistently placed the customers needs at the forefront. See a brief history of the ceramic capillary and other interesting facts including when CoorsTek acquired Gaiser Tool Company. learn more arrows