High-Performance Components for Tobacco

From the irrigation of tobacco growing fields to the process handling equipment for manufacturing, and finally, to the end-use products like pipe filter caps, CoorsTek provides a broad variety of advanced, high-performance components. We can help you increase precision and life of spray nozzles for irrigation or pestiside dispersement and we can assist increase performance in the manufacturing process. Call us today for a consultaion or send us your part for quote. We help you select the best material and provide design assistance to ensure your component meets or exceeds your performance requirement.

Albuz® Ceramic Spray Nozzles for Agricultural Applications

Our ceramic nozzles last much longer than traditional spray nozzles. They are also chemically resistant and wear resistant. learn more arrows

Machinery Components

CoorsTek high-performance components are used throughout the manufacturing process. From ceramic wear guides to heavy-duty ceramic baffles and spinners used in tobacco production and handling lines. Reduce downtime, increase machinery useful lives, and increase performance. learn more arrows

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Custom Components

Production Line Ceramic Tooling Brochure

Reviews advanced materials offered for several tooling components including stripper and necker tooling, printer mandrels, washers, and other components. PDF Document – 178 KB – download now arrows

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Analytical & Scientific Labware

Since the early 1900's, we've supplied some of the highest quality chemical and scientific labware to preferred labs all over the world. From porcelain crucibles to high-alumina plates, we have the labware you need. learn more arrows

Ceramic Tubes & Rods

Enhance performance and product life by using the material best suited to YOUR application CoorsTek materials professionals help you choose from a multitude of advanced ceramics. learn more arrows

Plastic Bearings & Bushings

The use of engineering polymers in dynamic load-bearing applications has helped revolutionize virtually all mechanical products. learn more arrows

Plastic Seals

Plastic Seals

Energized PTFE seals offer extreme-temperature, high-pressure, chemically inert, static and dynamic seals for the most demanding applications. In addition to our spring-energized seals, we boast a large selection of rings, plain seals, and other components. learn more arrows

Plastic Tape & Film

Choose from hundreds of Teflon-filled compounds to enhace your product's performance. learn more arrows

Plastic Tubes & Rods

Our plastic tubes and rods are used in diverse applications but the primary emphasis is placed on wear, chemical compatibility, extreme temperature, and low friction materials. learn more arrows