Ceramic armor/ military defense and security

Advanced Materials to Meet Next-Generation Challenges

CoorsTek removes technological barriers by developing and manufacturing high-performance materials tuned specifically to our customer's needs.

Advanced Technical Ceramics

As the largest manufacturer of technical ceramics in the world, CoorsTek knows ceramics. We've been at it for over a century! learn more arrows

High-Performance Plastics

CoorsTek manufactures components using high-purity and superior-performance plastic materials to ensure optimal results on your next project. learn more arrows

Precision-Machined Metals

For prototyping or production-volume units, our machining services provide repeatable high-precision quality. learn more arrows

CoorsTek Specialty Materials

CoorsTek offers a wide variety of specialty materials made with extremely high purity, resistance to electrical shock, and/or extremely durable properties. learn more arrows

Materials Design and Custom Materials

Every day, CoorsTek Research and Development teams formulate and test new materials to help design engineers overcome technological barriers for their product applications. learn more arrows