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Direct-Sintered Silicon Carbide
UltraSiC™ (SC-30) Material Properties

   Trade Name  UltraSiC™ SC-30
   Composition Direct-Sintered Silicon Carbide
   Color Black

480 (70)
410 (59)
3500 (507)
< 105
< 103
< 102
   Property   Units Test
   Density g/cm3 ASTM-C20
   Crystal Size, average Microns ASTM-E112
   Water Absorption % ASTM-373
   Gas Permeability -- --
   Flexural Strength (MOR), 20° C MPa (psi x 103) ASTM-F417
    ASTM C-1161-02C
   Elastic Modulus, 20° C GPa (psi x 106) ASTM-C848
   Poisson's Ratio, 20° C -- ASTM-C848
   Compressive Strength, 20° C MPa (psi x 103) ASTM-C773
   Hardness R45N Rockwell 45 N
  GPa (kg/mm2) VICKERS 0.5kg
  GPa (kg/mm2) VICKERS 1.0kg
  GPa (kg/mm2) KNOOP 1000 gm
   Tensile Strength, 25° C MPa (psi x 103) ACMA TEST #4
   Fracture Toughness K(I c) MPam1/2NOTCHED BEAM
   Thermal Conductivity, 20° C W/m K ASTM-C408
   Coefficient of Thermal Expansion, 25-1000° C 1 x 10-6/ °C ASTM-C372
   Specific Heat, 100° C J/kg*KASTM-E1269
   Thermal Shock Resistance, Δ Tc °C
   Dielectric Strength, 6.35mm ac-kV/mm (acV/mil) ASTM-D116
   Dielectric Constant 1MHz25° C ASTM-D150
  5.2 GHz  
   Dielectric Loss (tan delta) 1MHz25° CASTM-D150
  5.2 GHz  
   Volume Resistivity 25° C ohm-cm ASTM-D1829
500° C ohm-cm ASTM-D1829
1000° C ohm-cm ASTM-D1829
This chart is intended to illustrate typical properties of advanced ceramic materials available from CoorsTek. All data measurements are typical and made at room temperature unless otherwise noted. The designer should recognize that exact properties may vary according to product configuration and close control of values of most properties can be maintained if specified. All CoorsTek ceramic compositions are controlled using modern chemical spectrographic and x-ray fluorescent methods.

Contact CoorsTek for cost-effective design, development and manufacturing assistance. The information set forth herein is offered for comparison only, and is not to be construed as absolute engineering data or constituting a warranty or representation for which we assume legal responsibility.