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Ceramic Igniter Family Technical ceramics can maximize performance of consumer and household products through increased longevity and reduced wear. We have manufactured the industry standard ceramic igniters for hot surface ignition and gas applications for over forty years, and apply our ceramics expertise to improve efficiency and reliability in numerous other products ranging from industrial lighting to washing machines, hair styling tools, and coffee makers. High strength, electrically insulative, corrosion, and temperature resistant, CoorsTek advanced ceramics make your products measurably better. Learn More


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Ceramic Coffee Grinder Burr

Technical ceramics are some of the most durable materials on the planet, but their versatility is really what sets them apart from metals and plastics. Ceramic material properties can be manipulated to fit the requirements of specific applications. 

CoorsTek offers over 300 advanced ceramic formulations. With virtually limitless design and manufacturing options, as well as unparalleled materials and engineering expertise, CoorsTek can help solve complex technical challenges.  More...

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February 05 2019

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February 05 2019

Why do advanced ceramics matter in the design of household appliances?Ceramic Perforated Plaque

From sensors to lighting components to igniters, engineered ceramics can help both portable and major household appliances run more efficiently and reliably. In this webinar, we explore the various benefits of ceramics for these applications, with a focus on material properties and design for manufacturability.

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Ceramic membrane filters offer superior, cost effective filtration for a variety of fluid management applications.

CoorsTek and Deltapore Showcase Hollow Ceramic Core Membranes

January 16 2019

CoorsTek and Deltapore conducted a series of on-site field tests to compare the quality of coolant fluids utilizing a traditional centrifuge filtration versus ceramic hollow fiber membrane technology. Read More

Dr. John K. Coors Receives ACerS Medal for Leadership

October 19 2018

Dr. John K. Coors is recognized for his substantial contributions to the success of CoorsTek and support in expanding the frontiers of the ceramics industry. Read More


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