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CoorsTek provides specialized mission-critical components for a wide variety of aerospace and defense applications by supplying advanced technical ceramics engineered for critical-duty applications. Each of our aerospace, defense, optics, imaging, propulsion, and propulsion control components are designed and manufactured to be reliable, exceptionally strong, and lightweight, protecting and enabling the men and women serving our country.


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Gripen JetCoorsTek supplies a variety of critical components for the aerospace and aviation industries. Our advanced technical ceramics are used by the world's foremost aircraft manufacturers for critical-duty applications ranging from electronics to propulsion to antennas.  More...


Armor torso plates made with technical ceramics.CoorsTek manufactures lightweight, superior ballistic performance components for armor integration using technical ceramics. Each product is made of next-generation materials, shapes, and sizes for use in body, ground vehicle, aircraft, and marine applications to protect our soldiers. More...



Optical mirrors made with technical ceramic materials.CoorsTek silicon carbides (SiC) are engineered for optics and imaging applications demanding high stiffness, low mass, and thermal stability. Our materials are ideally suited for mirrors, focal plane array components, and structural supports. More...

Photo of Gary Worthy.When his helicopter was shot down during a scouting mission in the Vietnam war, veteran Gary Worthy was saved by armor plates made from CoorsTek advanced technical ceramics. This is his story.


Latest News

CoorsTek Exhibits at COMPAMED 2018

November 09 2018

CoorsTek will feature solutions and manufacturing capabilities at COMPAMED, the premier trade fair for the medical device industry in Düsseldorf, Germany, November 12-15. CoorsTek technical ceramic components provide a high level of confidence for medical OEMs for use in implantable devices and surgical components. Both biocompatible and stable, technical ceramics can outperform metals and plastics in critical medical applications. Read More

Dr. John K. Coors Receives ACerS Medal for Leadership

October 19 2018

Dr. John K. Coors is recognized for his substantial contributions to the success of CoorsTek and support in expanding the frontiers of the ceramics industry. Read More

Webinar: Advanced Ceramics in Household Appliances

October 10 2018

CoorsTek and Appliance Design magazine will host a free webinar on October 23 at 2:00 pm EST on how technical ceramics help drive performance. Read More

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