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CoorsTek Bioceramics is dedicated to leading edge manufacturing of technical ceramics for the medical device industry. As a wholly owned subsidiary of CoorsTek, we are backed by over 100 years of technical ceramics expertise.

Technical ceramics are the ideal material for orthopaedic reconstruction and other bioimplantable devices, combining high-strength and low-weight with inherent biocompatibility. In combination with numerous material properties that can be manipulated and leveraged to meet the needs of the individual application, technical ceramics contribute to improved implant longevity and patient outcomes. 

With a focus on total joint replacements including ceramic bearing components for Total Hip Arthroplasty, CoorsTek Bioceramics components can also be found in other surgical implant devices for neurological, cardiological, spinal, and radiation applications. CoorsTek Bioceramics also excels at manufacturing custom components for implantable devices.

  • Over six million critical ceramic implant components sold since 2005
  • ISO 13485 certified and FDA compli­ant quality systems
  • World-class research and development capabilities

Permallon logoThe Choice in Orthopaedic Ceramics

Permallon® alumina matrix composites are state-of-the-art materials developed specifically for use in orthopaedic applications. The flagship materials from CoorsTek Bioceramics, Permallon® orthopaedic ceramics offer favorable mechanical performance as compared to the leading ceramic material used for bearing surfaces in total hip arthroplasty.1

Devices incorporating products sold by CoorsTek Bioceramics are registered by our customers in locations worldwide. 

¹Haftel, Jon, Chief Engineer, CoorsTek Bioceramics. 2022. "Technical Overview of Permallon® Avant Alumina Matrix Composite Ceramic Material Manufactured by CoorsTek Bioceramics": pp. 10-11. Tested by Static Compression of 28-12/14 L (+3.5mm) Femoral Head with Titanium Taper