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Orthopaedic & Implantable Ceramics

High-Purity & High-Performance Implantable Components

Technical ceramics are the ideal material for orthopaedic reconstruction and other bioimplantable devices, combining high-strength and low-weight with inherent biocompatibility. In combination with numerous material properties that can be manipulated and leveraged to meet the needs of the individual application, technical ceramics contribute to improved implant longevity and patient outcomes. 

CoorsTek Bioceramics manufactures a variety of technical ceramic components for medical implant applications, including femoral heads and acetabular liners for total hip arthroplasty, brachytherapy device components, neuro/cardio implant device components, cervical and spinal implant components and NeoBone™ ceramic bone filler*. CoorsTek Bioceramics also excels at manufacturing custom components for implantable devices.

Each CoorsTek Bioceramics ceramic implant component is manufactured at an FDA registered facility under an ISO 13485 certification utilizing state of the art manufacturing methods and equipment. Since 2005, CoorsTek Bioceramics has supplied over 5.5 million implantable components.








CoorsTek Bioceramics is a wholly owned subsidiary of CoorsTek, Inc. *NeoBone is available for sale and distribution in Japan.