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CoorsTek is highlighting two new ceramic membrane filter technologies.

Multi-tube System
The multi-tube system consists of four single ceramic tubes connected together into a single ceramic part. Every tube performs the same way—ensuring more efficient filtering of the liquids. This technology is suitable for high quality filtering needed in applications such as pharmaceutical products.

Hollow Fiber System
The hollow fiber system consists of ceramic tubes assembled into a high-density module, reducing the filtering unit footprint. Ceramic tubes offer superior temperature and chemical resistance compared to polymer tubes in harsh production or cleaning conditions.

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ABC of Coors Aluminum Beer Can

Coors Porcelain, now CoorsTek, was instrumental in developing the two piece aluminum can. Iconic Bill Coors narrates how aluminum cans were made.

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Active Ceramic Membrane

Ceramic hollow fiber membrane modules offer superior, cost-effective performance for fluid filtration applications. 

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Ceramic Body Armor Survivor Story

Full Version: The story of Marco Di Lauro. A photojournalist in Afghanistan shot at close range and lived to tell about it.

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Ceramic Membranes

Ceramic membranes convert natural gas to compressed hydrogen for use in fuel cell vehicles in a one-step process.

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Cerbec® Bearing Balls: An Amazing Story

The amazing story of ball bearings and how CoorsTek Cerbec bearings are making the world measurably better.

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Direct Natural Gas Conversion with Ceramics

Ceramic membrane technology for compact hydrogen generators enabling hydrogen vehicle fueling with access to natural gas.

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Upstream Oil & Gas Drilling

CoorsTek offers a wide variety of extremely reliable, heat-stable, and corrosion-resistant components for use in downhole equipment. 

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Industries Served: Overview

CoorsTek products are in every major market in the world. Here is a quick overview of the applications using our ceramics.

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