2023 Disability Insurance

CoorsTek is pleased to provide short-term and long-term disability insurance through Unum at no cost to you. Disability Insurance is subject to a pre-existing condition waiting period. Benefits will not be paid for any disability, including maternity, for which you received medical treatment, care, or consultation, including diagnostic measures or took prescribed drugs or medications during the three months preceding your effective date under this policy. A disability arising from any such injury or sickness will be covered only if it begins twelve months after the effective date of this policy. Please review the plan documents found at for more information.


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Unum Group logo.Unum Policy Numbers:

  • Short Term Disability: 475940
  • Long Term Disability and Leave: 475938


Unum claim website for employees:


Unum Claim brochure:

Download: How to File a Claim for Unum Benefits (PDF, 136 KB)

Short-Term Disability Insurance

Eligible employees are automatically enrolled in short-term disability (STD) coverage on the first day of the month following date of hire.

If you are unable to work due to an illness or a non-work-related injury, you may receive a benefit for up to 180 calendar days. If you expect to have an absence exceeding three calendar days due to an illness or injury you may be eligible for STD benefits. There is a three-day waiting period before STD benefits begin. You must use PTO during the waiting period, if available. Unum provides the STD claim administration and determines if you are eligible for STD based on supporting medical documentation. Your benefits may be subject to an offset based on other disability benefits.

Long-Term Disability Insurance

Eligible employees are automatically enrolled in the long-term disability (LTD) plan on the first day of the month following date of hire. If you are eligible for LTD, benefits under the LTD plan may begin if you remain totally disabled after 26 weeks (180 calendar days of STD). If you are eligible for LTD, your employment may be terminated, and you would be offered health benefit options under COBRA.

Waiting Period:

Short-Term Disability

3 days (PTO will be used, if available; otherwise unpaid)

Long-Term Disability

180 days (26 weeks)

Disability Benefits Begin:

Short-Term Disability

Day 4

Long-Term Disability

Day 181

Disability Benefits Duration:

Short-Term Disability

Up to 180 days (includes waiting period)

Long-Term Disability

Own occupation: 2 years

Any occupation: Social Security Normal Retirement Age

Percentage of Income Replaced:

Short-Term Disability

100% of last base salary to a maximum of $5,000 per week for first 10 days (includes benefit waiting period)


60% of last base salary to a maximum of $5,000 per week from day 11 through day 180


PTO may be used to subsidize pay to reach 100% of base salary. Other disability amounts will offset the amount received from STD

Long-Term Disability

50% of base salary to a maximum of $15,000 per month

Health Benefits:

Short-Term Disability

Benefits continue with premiums deducted via payroll withholding

Long-Term Disability

Employment may be terminated
Employee offered COBRA