2023 Free Support Programs

Chronic Condition Management Plus with Livongo

Chronic Condition Management Plus is a comprehensive chronic condition program managed by Livongo. It allows you to address multiple conditions in a single integrated experience at no cost to you! If you have a diagnosis of

  • DiabetesLivongo Health Logo
  • High blood-pressure (hypertension)
  • Pre-diabetes


You are eligible for free support through connected devices, digital programs, and expert coaching. Weight management and mental health support is also available to those enrolled in the chronic condition programs. Livongo can help make living with chronic conditions easier!

To get started, call (800) 945-4355 or visit The registration code is COORSTEK. The program is offered at no cost to employees and covered dependents who have coverage through the CoorsTek medical plans and meet the program eligibility requirements.


Back and Joint care with Hinge Health and Aetna

CoorsTek partners with Hinge Health, a wellness benefit, to offer care for your back and joints. Join the program today at

Recover from a recent or past injury, overcome back and joint pain and stay healthy and pain free. Best of all, Hinge Health is available at no cost to you and eligible family members enrolled in the CoorsTek Aetna medical plan.

Get the tools to move freely again. And do it from the comfort of home, on your schedule. Get virtual care that may include:

  • A personal care team, including a physical therapist and health coach Hinge Health Logo
  • 1-on-1 physical therapy sessions, as needed


For questions, call (855) 902-2777 or email You can also download the Hinge Health app.