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2023 Health Savings Accounts (HSA)

WEX LogoCoorsTek contributes into your Health Savings Account (HSA) when you’re enrolled in an eligible medical plan. CoorsTek’s contribution of $500 for an employee only or $1,000 for employee plus children/spouse/family is prorated and deposited into your HSA on a per pay period basis. These funds, plus your contributions to your account, can be used to pay for current and future qualified medical, dental, and vision expenses. Funds in your HSA are always yours to keep. WEX manages the employee HSA for CoorsTek.

The IRS sets the maximum dollar amount you can contribute to a HSA. The 2023 annual contribution limit is:

  • Employee Only coverage  - $3850
  • Employee + SP/CH/Family - $7750


If you are age 55 or older, you are eligible to make an additional annual catch-up contribution of $1000.


How do I access my account?

Before you can create your online account at you must first call WEX at 866-451-3399.

You will receive a Visa debit card from WEX. You must call WEX at 866-451-3399 to activate your card and access the funds.

You can also log into your account through the WEX mobile app.


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HSA Participation Videos: