2024 Leaves of Absence

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Leaves of Absence

CoorsTek offers a variety of leaves of absence to help support you and your family’s needs.  Depending on the reason for your leave, you may be eligible for programs such as Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Military Family Leave, Personal Leave, Parental Leave, and/or a State specific Leave.  All leaves must be initiated with Unum.  More information can be found in the CoorsTek employee guidelines and at  You should reach out to Unum (and your state plan if applicable) to discuss eligibility and to apply for your leave of absence.

Unum claim website for employees:


Unum Claim brochure and directions: How to File a Claim for Unum Benefits (PDF, 136 KB)



State Specific Leaves

Many states have additional state-specific laws regarding leaves of absence.  Employees must file a claim with Unum as well as their state for any state leave request.  The eligibility and benefit amounts are determined by the state and benefits received by the state will run concurrent and offset any CoorsTek leaves (where applicable by law).

For information regarding Paid Family and Medical Leaves for your state, please reach out to Unum.  More information can be found on the state-specific websites.



Colorado — CoorsTek has a private plan through Unum. All claims must be filed through Unum.
- Program Notice
- Employee Leave Flyer
CO FAMLI Certificate




New Hampshire

New Jersey

New York — CoorsTek has a private plan through The Standard. All claims must be filed through
- Employee Notice

- Employee Notice