2024 Paid Parental Leave

CoorsTek understands the importance of work-life balance and the importance of bonding with your child. The company’s Paid Parental Leave program provides up to six (6) weeks of job-protected parental leave paid at your base hourly rate for your scheduled weekly hours for new parents to bond with a new child within 12 months of birth or the placement of a child through surrogacy, adoption, or foster care.  Leave can be taken in a minimum duration of one (1) calendar week or up to six (6) calendar weeks consecutively.

For details and eligibility information, click here (PDF, 255 KB) for the Paid Parental Leave policy.

For illustrative examples of the leave policy, click here(PDF, 193 KB)

If you have questions or need help, please reach out to or 303-277-4700 for answers.

For questions on eligibility or to file a claim, please contact Unum at 1-877-721-3196 or see below.                                         

Unum claim website for employees:


Unum Claim brochure and directions: How to File a Claim for Unum Benefits (PDF, 136 KB)


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