Health and Safety

We safeguard the health and safety of our employees and those who work with us.

Safe Working Environment • Substance Abuse • Workplace Violence


We are committed to providing a safe, healthy, and secure environment for our employees, contractors, business partners, customers, vendors, and visitors wherever they are working.




Every employee is responsible for making health, safety, and security a priority. You should always speak up and Share Your Concern if you:

  • Are asked to perform a task that you consider unsafe, are not properly trained to perform, or think may harm you or others
  • See or suspect any condition or situation that may pose a safety risk or a potential danger to yourself or others


What If?
Q: Senior management is always talking about safety first, but my supervisor wants us to break safety procedures so that we can meet our production targets. What should I do?

A: Safety procedures should never be compromised. Putting production ahead of safety is inconsistent with The CoorsTek Way. Consider discussing your concerns with your supervisor, or if you feel uncomfortable about this, then you should speak up and Share Your Concern.

Photo of three women at a CoorsTek manufacturing site.


Employees that work under the influence of drugs or alcohol pose an unacceptable safety risk to themselves and others with whom they work. You are expected to perform your job duties free from the influence of any substance that could impair your job performance. You must:

  • Never use or possess marijuana (including lawfully prescribed marijuana), illegal drugs, or controlled substances while working or while on CoorsTek premises
  • Never use alcohol, lawfully prescribed medication (including marijuana), or over-the-counter drugs in a way that might harm your ability to perform your job duties safely and successfully
  • Never sell, give, or distribute illegal drugs, marijuana, controlled substances, or drugs that have been prescribed to you while working or while on CoorsTek premises


What If?
Q: My job involves driving a forklift. I’m currently taking prescribed medication for depression, which has a side effect that may make me drowsy. I’m embarrassed to tell my boss about my condition, and so far I feel fine. Do I really need to inform my supervisor?

A: Yes. You do need to inform your supervisor or Human Resources representative. We care about your safety and the safety of your team members. It is paramount that your abilities are not impaired while operating equipment. We will protect your privacy and the privacy of your medical information.


We require zero-tolerance when it comes to acts or threats of violence in our workplace. You must:

  • Never bring or permit weapons of any kind in our buildings
  • Never engage in or tolerate any act that may make another person feel threatened, unsafe or fearful, including verbal assaults, threats, or expressions of hostility, intimidation or aggression
  • Share Your Concern if you know or suspect incidents of violence, believe someone is in danger, or suspect someone may have a weapon in one of our buildings


What If?
Q: My manager often loses his temper and aggressively yells at my coworkers and me. Is this workplace violence?

A: It depends, but regardless, the situation creates a negative work environment. You should Share Your Concern.

Additional Resources

Visit the Global EHS intranet page* on the CoorsTek Intranet to find CoorsTek standards related to substance abuse, promoting a safe working environment, and safeguarding the health and safety of all persons.


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*To access the Global EHS Intranet page, you must be on the CoorsTek VPN or on the network from one of our office or facility locations.