We are honest, complete, and accurate in our accounting, communications, and decision-making.

Accurate Business and Financial Records  •  Statements on Behalf of Coorstek



Reporting accurate, complete, and understandable information about our business, earnings, and financial condition is one of our most important duties. This duty of truthfulness and candor extends to all business records, including books and records, contracts and agreements, business plans and forecasts, inspection and quality reports, and regulatory filings.

We must also ensure that our financial statements comply with all applicable and accepted accounting principles, statutory requirements, our internal control procedures, and our permitted disclosure processes.



You must ensure our commitment to honesty in our business records by:

  • Never falsifying, omitting, misstating, misrepresenting, altering, or concealing any facts or information
  • Never encouraging or allowing anyone to compromise the accuracy or integrity of our business records
  • Maintaining accurate books and records that fully, fairly, and correctly reflect CoorsTek’s financial information
  • Fully cooperating with our internal and external auditors and not concealing any information from them
  • Ensuring all financial transactions do not include incorrect dates, misleading descriptions, or recording errors, such as false expenses or purchase orders, inaccurate time sheets, or misleading travel and entertainment expenses
  • Not tolerating the use of any off-book accounting, unrecorded bank accounts, slush funds, or any other devices that distort our true financial information


What If?
Q: An inspection report shows that a part we made has a defect and doesn’t meet the customer’s requirements. I saw a quality manager change an inspection report to show that the part does meet those requirements. The change was minor, will not affect the product’s performance, and the customer may never notice. Do I need to do anything?

A: Yes. You should Share Your Concern immediately. Even minor changes could be considered falsifying records and would violate our commitment to our customer.



CoorsTek strives to ensure that accurate and complete information is conveyed to the public, to business partners, to regulatory authorities, and to all others. As a result, we have designated certain individuals to serve as our official company spokespersons.



Unless you are authorized to do so, you must never make any public statements on behalf of CoorsTek. Instead, you must direct all requests for information to the CoorsTek Corporate Communications Department.

Similarly, when using personal social media or interacting online, you should:

  • Clearly state that any opinions you express about CoorsTek are your own and do not reflect those of CoorsTek
  • Not disclose any confidential business information about CoorsTek or our customers, suppliers and other business partners
  • Refrain from using any CoorsTek logos or trademarks without proper authorization


What If?
Q: I saw an online review that is critical of CoorsTek and contains inaccurate information about our company. I know the facts and want to set the record straight. Is it okay to post a response online?

A: No. Unless you are an authorized spokesperson, you should notify the Corporate Communications Department and let an authorized spokesperson address the situation.

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