Insider Trading

We recognize that trading on “inside” information is dishonest, unfair, and unlawful.


While working at CoorsTek, you may have access to material, nonpublic information about CoorsTek or its suppliers, customers, competitors, or other third parties. This information is known as “inside” information and it may include, for example:

  • Budgets, forecasts, and financial results
  • Potential significant business deals or transactions
  • Changes in executive leadership
  • New products or projects


Trading securities of a company while in possession of inside information is illegal and destroys the trust CoorsTek has built with its business partners. We do not permit anyone to share or trade based on inside information of a company.



If you have access to inside information, we expect that you:

  • Never trade or invest based on it until after it has been made public
  • Not engage in “tipping” by sharing it with family, friends, or third parties who may use it to make an investment decision
  • Exercise caution and avoid the appearance of anything improper


What If?
Q: I learned some information in a meeting with one of our suppliers that could affect some investments my parents are considering. Can I share what I know with them since I will not be trading?

A: No. The law not only prohibits you from buying or selling investments based on inside information, it also prohibits you from tipping off anyone else who may benefit from using that information in a trade.