International Trade and Customs

We comply with all export control, economic sanctions, and customs laws.


We are proud to be a global company conducting business around the world. As a global company, it is critical that we know and follow the international trade laws that regulate where and with whom we may do business.

These laws vary widely around the world and can change frequently and on short notice. Failure to comply with these laws can seriously impact our business and reputation, lead to significant fines, and result in the loss of our export privileges.



If you are involved in the movement or deemed export of products, services, information, or technology across international borders, you must:

  • Comply with all our Trade Compliance policies and all applicable country laws, regulations, and requirements
  • Ensure anything you intend to import or export is classified correctly based on the country of origin, the destination, the end use, and the end user and includes all required documentation, labels, licenses, permits, and approvals
  • Verify that your transactions do not involve restricted or sanctioned countries, regions, individuals, or entities
  • Contact the CoorsTek Trade Compliance Department for guidance if you have any questions or concerns about the laws or regulations that apply to your transactions


What If?
Q: A potential customer has recommended that we make a new part that will be a profitable, long-term business opportunity for CoorsTek. The customer will not complete an End User Customer Profile and refuses to identify the end-use for the part. I suspect the end-customer is located in a country subject to economic sanctions. What should I so?

A: You should contact the Trade Compliance Department or Share Your Concern. We may not be permitted to sell to someone if we know or have reason to know the parts are intended for a sanctioned country.

Additional Resources

Visit the International Trade and Customs intranet page* on the CoorsTek Intranet to find our Global Trade Compliance Policy Statement, our Export-Controlled Technology Transfer Policy, and other policies and procedures related to international trade and customs.


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  *To access the CoorsTek International Trade and Customs intranet page, you must be on the CoorsTek VPN or on the network from one of our office or facility locations.