Company Assets

We are good guardians of our physical, electronic, and information assets.


Our company assets are the tools and information we use in our business every day. We endeavor to strategically allocate our company resources, and we entrust our assets to you so that you may successfully perform your work and help accomplish our company’s goals.

Our assets include physical property, such as company funds, vehicles, computers, facilities, tools, supplies, equipment, and inventory. They also include intangible assets, such as company time, confidential information, intellectual property, and information systems.



CoorsTek relies on you to use company assets honestly and efficiently. You are expected to:

  • Use company assets only for legitimate business purposes and in the manner they are intended to be used
  • Be proactive in protecting company assets from theft, loss, damage, or misuse
  • Only conduct financial transactions that have received all required approvals, are properly documented, and comply with our policies

When working with CoorsTek information or technology tools and systems, you must follow all IT security measures and internal controls applicable to the systems you access.

Occasional personal use of company assets such as phones, computers, and email is permitted, but you must ensure that such personal use does not interfere with your work responsibilities and does not violate our policies.


What If?
Q: I have a side business where I design and print wedding invitations and birth announcements. A coworker asked that I design and print the invitation for her upcoming wedding. May I do so?

A: Only if you do so outside of your working hours and you use your own personal computer and equipment. Using CoorsTek computers and equipment, as well as time at work, to design this wedding invitation would be a misuse of CoorsTek assets.

Additional Resources

IT Acceptable Use Policy*

Global Travel & Expense Policy (PDF, 241 KB)*

Visit this page on the CoorsTek Intranet* to find policies outlining authority levels for signing contracts and approving CoorsTek expenditures.


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*To access IT Acceptable Use Policy, Global Travel & Expense Policy, and HR Guidelines & Policies intranet pages above, you must be on the CoorsTek VPN or on the network from one of our office or facility locations.