Data Protection

As a global entity, CoorsTek supports and complies with international data protection regulations and policies in order to protect the data of our customers, employees, and vendors. CoorsTek will take all the necessary and appropriate measures to protect your contact details and the business information stored throughout our partnership.

With your consent, CoorsTek is able to inform you about new materials, technologies, and innovations which fit your needs and help you address your customers’ concerns. With accurate data, we can provide you with relevant information to help your business grow.

Our customers rightly expect transparency around how CoorsTek manages their information. At CoorsTek, it is important that we provide you, our customers, with reassurance that we take data security seriously and have rigorous systems and processes in place to carefully look after any data we store.

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Candidate Privacy Notices
Candidate Privacy Notice applies to job applicants only and describes how CoorsTek collects, uses, shares, and processes personal information about you during and after the job recruiting process.
CoorsTek Candidate Privacy Notices

Data Protection Questions
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