Modern Slavery Act-Transparency Statement

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This Statement is made pursuant to §54 of the U.K. Modern Slavery Act 2015 and describes the processes that CoorsTek, Inc. and its subsidiaries, including CoorsTek Limited and CoorsTek Advanced Materials Crewe Ltd. (collectively, “CoorsTek”) has undergone to identify and mitigate risks of forced labor and human trafficking within our global business and supply chain.

About CoorsTek Inc.
CoorsTek is a manufacturer of technical ceramics and advanced materials for semiconductor, medical, automotive, oil and gas, and many other industries. CoorsTek is headquartered in Golden, Colorado and has over 5,000 employees and 30 sites in approximately ten jurisdictions worldwide, serving over 10,000 customers in more than 70 countries.

We establish a relationship of trust and integrity with all our suppliers, which is built upon mutually beneficial factors. Our supplier selection and on-boarding procedure includes due diligence of the supplier's reputation, respect for the law, compliance with health, safety and environmental standards, and references.

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Act Statement Graphic

Our Commitment and Policies
CoorsTek opposes any form of forced labor or human trafficking. We respect and support the entitlement of all workers to a healthy, open, safe, and secure working environment.

Our Vision – to make the world measurably better – and our Values – The CoorsTek Way – support our commitment to the highest ethical standards in all our business dealings and relationships.

Our Global Standards for Business Conduct serve as guidance to our workforce regarding our Vision and The CoorsTek Way. We also maintain a robust global compliance training program for our workforce and periodically review the social aspects of our global sustainability program. We have included direction specific to our support of human rights not only within our operations, but also within our global supply chain by:

  • forbidding the use of child labor, involuntary labor, and forced labor;
  • respecting each employee’s right to freedom of association;
  • providing humane, safe, and secure working conditions; and
  • following all applicable laws for conditions of employment, including maximum hours and overtime and minimum wage and benefits.

We continuously communicate our Vision, The CoorsTek Way and Global Standards for Business Conduct to our workforce to maintain awareness of our high ethical standards, including our commitment against modern slavery and human trafficking.

Supplier Due Diligence
With respect to our supply chain, we have adopted a Supplier Code of Conduct that further supports these commitments and is incorporated within our procurement agreements. We require our Suppliers to attest their commitment to such Supplier Code of Conduct. We also utilize supplier questionnaires to address numerous global compliance matters, including modern slavery and human trafficking.

We conduct due diligence on the locations of our worksites and of our primary suppliers. We have concluded that all our worksites and our suppliers operate in jurisdictions that have established Modern Slavery laws.

Our local manufacturing facilities also conduct assessments of suppliers for legal and ethical risks, and our global supply chain group is implementing a formal system to retain such supplier data and assessments.

Finally, each of our worksites has processes in place, such as whistleblowing and grievance practices, to ensure that our workers can voice suspicions or concerns regarding workplace issues or the conduct of our suppliers. We have not received any report regarding any risk or incident of forced labor.

Our Responsibility
We will continue to assess any suspected instances of non-compliance with our Global Standards for Business Conduct and our related policies. We will also continue to support training of our workforce regarding our commitment to a healthy, open, safe, and secure workplace.

This statement covers fiscal year 2023 and has been reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors of CoorsTek, Inc.

Mary Gritzmacher
Chief Legal Officer & Secretary

May 2024