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Since the early 1900s, CoorsTek has continually refined the processes and methods necessary for both the design and manufacturing of technical ceramic components. Using the right methods and processes is just as essential as choosing the correct ceramic material to meet the needs of the application. As a vertically integrated manufacturer of custom technical ceramic components, CoorsTek has a high-level of control over every step of the process, from advanced material processing through to forming, firing, and finishing. We also have a level of expertise that only comes from deep knowledge and understanding of the entire production cycle.

CoorsTek has one of the largest portfolios of ceramics manufacturing processes and methods in the industry. Our experts intimately understand these processes, and it’s what gives us our competitive advantage. We never force component production into an unsuitable process because of limited capabilities—quite the contrary. We start with a customer’s specific application requirements, selecting the optimal material, and then select the best manufacturing approach from our wide portfolio of methods. To deliver the highest quality components, our team of experts take into account design, volume, tolerance, quality requirements, budget, and of course—end use.

It is this approach that enables CoorsTek to deliver the highest quality products to meet your custom manufacturing needs.

Ready to learn more? Download our most recent eBook on our methods and processes, A View to a Kiln.

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