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Ceramic Finishing Capabilities

Ceramic Finishing

Brazing, Bonding, & JoiningGrinding, Lapping, & PolishingLaser MachiningMetallizationMicromachining


CoorsTek provides a complete range of precision finishing options to make your technical ceramic component a functional part or assembly, including:


  • CNC grinding
  • Laser machining
  • Cutting
  • Lapping & polishing
  • Laser finishing


  • Metallizing
  • Plating & glazing
  • Flame spraying
  • Plasma coating
  • CVD SiC coating
  • Texturing


  • Brazing
  • Solder & epoxy
  • Adhesive bonding
  • Chemical treatment
  • Fasten & fit
  • Vacuum bonding


  • Cleanroom assembly & packaging
  • Inspection & testing
  • Analytical lab measurement


Our experts help you select the optimal process option for durable and reliable ceramic-to-ceramic and ceramic-to-metal joining.

Structural Bonding

Metallized technical ceramic vacuum interruptor. CoorsTek structural bonding provides custom design options not available with hard-facing or coatings, and is compatible with a large number of materials. By limiting the use of exotic materials to the important contact points, the cost and weight of your application is minimized.

CoorsTek uses numerous proprietary processes, with each step carefully monitored and tested. Often our bond strengths measure several times the strength advertised for a given epoxy.


Brazing involves bonding metal to ceramic for structural purposes, creating a thin, uniform joint. CoorsTek brazes components for numerous applications, including power generation and optics.

Vacuum interruptor metalized


CoorsTek offers B-stage epoxy sealing capability for lids, caps, covers, and frames. Epoxy seals combine high strength and moisture resistance, while frequently providing a more process-friendly, cost-effective option than brazing or soldering.

Advanced Assembly

From basic component manufacturing to advanced joining and subassembly, CoorsTek provides just the right level of assembly service integration for your project.

Lapping & polishing

Advanced Substrate Lapping & Polishing Services

CoorsTek provides secondary diamond head lapping and polishing down to ±12.7 µm (0.0005 inch over inch) surface flatness — critical for your most precise applications, such as accommodating the finest, most demanding hybrid circuit paths imaginable. 

Lasered substrate manufactured with the technical ceramic alumina.

Laser machining & FINISHING

CoorsTek owns and operates large banks of high-power lasers specifically engineered for technical ceramic machining, finishing, and edging — delivering the most precise, efficient, and reliable laser machined ceramic components available.


Whether you are adding an electronic circuit path to one of our high-purity substrates or joining a metal component with ceramic, CoorsTek experts help engineer a customized solution with the most reliable and cost-effective method and material. Some example applications include:

  • Antennas
  • Feed-Through Insulators
  • Power Grid Tubes
  • Vacuum Interrupters
  • X-ray Tubes


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metallized ceramics for electronics

Injection molded scissor hubs made with technical ceramics through micromachining.


CoorsTek excels at producing custom core geometries and complex configurations in ultra-hard materials, including:

  • Small hole drilling to 20 µm 
  • Wire and sinker (ram) micro EDM
  • CNC Machining
  • Fine grinding & polishing
  • Swiss screw machining 

Medical Applications

  • Biopsy tools
  • Laser shields
  • Precision guides
  • Custom electrodes
  • Cutter tools

Semiconductor Applications

  • Front end semiconductor processing

Automotive Applications

  • Fuel injection systems