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Research & Development

Ceramic Roots

With a 110 years of ceramics experience, CoorsTek has led the development of more than 400 engineered ceramic materials. We helped develop the technical ceramics industry from our porcelain labware to leading solutions for virtually every industry sector —by developing and manufacturing the highest quality technical ceramics. With regional Research & Development hubs in Japan, Europe, and Golden, CO USA, CoorsTek R&D is consistently spearheading efforts to create new ceramic frontiers, leading global technical ceramic development.

Partnership in Development

CoorsTek has regional R&D hubs, each designed to collaborate closely with our customers for application-driven materials development.

The Advanced Materials Processing (AMP) program of CoorsTek R&D enables the design and formulation of ceramic from raw materials. Through this vertically integrated control, CoorsTek develops and manufactures engineered ceramics focused on meeting application-specific requirements.

These new materials are fully evaluated in our comprehensive analytical labs. New product designs can be analyzed with computer simulation tools and rapidly prototyped. From rapid prototyping, CoorsTek can bring that product to volume production through its unmatched ceramic manufacturing capabilities.

The goal of CoorsTek R&D is to partner with our customers to create customized solutions, drawing on the ceramic expertise we have developed for over a century. CoorsTek is constantly looking ahead, pushing engineered ceramics forward. For example, we are working with NASA on active ceramic membranes for converting the CO2-rich Martian atmosphere into high-purity O2, a critical part of the planned 2020 Mission to Mars.


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CoorsTek R&D Locations

Map showing CoorsTek R&D locations

Pushing for the Future

Paving the way for the next generation of breakthroughs in engineered ceramics, CoorsTek invested $120M in its new Center for Advanced Materials to enhance collaboration between our customers, R&D, and manufacturing. Together we are able to rapidly develop new materials and bring them into volume production. CoorsTek has been the leader in engineered ceramics for more than a century. This investment allows us to push the frontiers of technology into the next 100 years, with a commitment that is second to none.