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The Hamilton facility in Paris, Ontario traces its roots back to the Hamilton Pottery Company that was founded in 1852. This facility was acquired by CoorsTek in 2011. Today our Paris facility specializes in the manufacture of components and filters that serve the following industries:

Automotive & Transportation: The automotive landscape is changing rapidly. From autonomous technologies to electric and advanced fueling systems to car sharing and connected mobility, transportation systems of the future will require new and innovative technologies, materials, and designs. Systems will run hotter, longer, and have more electrical and wireless connections. In the meantime, traditional vehicles equipped with internal combustion engines still rule the road, and performance standards on these systems continue to increase. Learn more >>

Paris / Hamilton, Ontario
CoorsTek Hamilton
45 Curtis Avenue N
Paris, Ontario
Canada N3L 3T6

Tel: +1.519.442.7792

Consumer & Household: Designed for daily use, our custom components for consumer and household durables are designed to provide a long life of consistent performance. We offer a large range of custom household products that take advantage of the unique properties of advanced technical ceramics, including high operating temperatures, high strength, low porosity, electrical insulation, corrosion and wear resistance. Learn more >>

Equipment & Machinery: Flow-Rite® ceramic filters used to remove impurities from molten metal in the casting process at metal foundries worldwide. These filters are used with all types of cast irons, aluminum, and copper-based alloys, and are available in a broad range of sizes, shapes, and performance levels. Learn more >>


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