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Corporate & Professional

Not all our best thinking starts in the lab.

Maybe you’re a “numbers guy” or a “people person.” Or you have a special talent for translating “Legalese.” We need experts like you on our team.

Smart, talented people in every corner of our company are helping us balance our budget, recruit new talent, create strong contracts, develop winning strategies and more. From our back offices to our Boardroom – we mean business.  

Careers in Sales & Marketing

Making the world measurably better, one sale at a time

Even the best-made, most-advanced materials don’t sell themselves. Our sales and marketing professionals have an important role. They must seek out the right customers from a wide variety of industries – from agriculture and aerospace to medical and electronics. Then they must help the customer select just what they need from our more than 400 unique materials – to make their products better and more competitive.

That’s not easy. But who said you were looking for easy?

Are you ready to take on a challenge like that? Our door is open.



"Hands down the most rewarding part of working at CoorsTek is the people. The willingness of co-workers to come together to make this company, and world, measurable better is very apparent in day-to-day interactions with team members. No matter how busy an employee is, when asking for guidance or assistance with some work, these co-workers warmly and freely assist."  

Kristi Smouse // Human Resources
Years with CoorsTek: 4.5 years

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