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There are so many choices and opportunities at CoorsTek in countries around the world.


Jonathon Coors, Co-CEO and quote that says, "People at CoorsTek have so many different interests. But they all share a passion for excelling at what they do, and in the process, making the world you and I live in measurably better.”

It's not just what career are you looking for but also where you're interested in working.

We've grown from when we planted our roots in Colorado over 100 years ago. We have locations around the world in Asia, Europe, and North America.

CoorsTek is a multinational company with over 30 facilities across three continents, serving 10 industries. From manufacturing to R&D to sales and marketing and much more, we need all kinds of talents and different perspectives.

We are passionate about making the world better – measurably better – and we ned people like you to help us achieve our mission. See our current job opportunities here


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