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Since the early 1900s, CoorsTek has continually refined the processes and methods necessary for both the design and manufacturing of technical ceramics. As our company has grown and expanded to new locations around the world, so has our expertise. It’s in our DNA.

CoorsTek technical ceramic powders in three piles that are purple, orange, and white with manufactured components behind them.Using the right methods and processes for manufacturing high-quality technical ceramic components is as essential as choosing the correct ceramic material to meet the needs of the application. Advanced material processing through to forming, firing, and finishing requires a high-level of control and expertise that can only be provided by a manufacturer with deep knowledge and understanding of the entire production cycle.

Because these methods and processes are so critical to achieving the properties and tolerances required by a component design, CoorsTek considers and selects the ideal combinations for each project. Processes are selected because they are the best options for a given application—not because we are limited by capabilities.

CoorsTek meets the exacting needs of its customers by having one of the largest portfolios of processes and methods in the industry. Our experts intimately understand these processes, and it’s what gives us our competitive advantage. We are never forced into an unsuitable method due to process limitations.

What can be made with technical ceramics? With highly variable properties and vast process options, the possibilities for what can be made with technical ceramics are virtually limitless.

Ultra large structural components to “microcomponents”, including tiny holes, channels, or inserts.

From standard shape components to geometric design possibilities limited to our customers’ imaginations.

Our processes are suitable for prototyping all the way to high volume production (from millions to billions).

CoorsTek can achieve as fired tolerances to 0.5% or machined tolerances to 1µm per meter flatness.

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