Research & Development

With regional Research and Development hubs in the United States, Japan, and Europe, CoorsTek is consistently spearheading efforts to create new ceramic and advanced material frontiers. Our customers help us push these boundaries by presenting us with new and interesting challenges. When our current material and process portfolios do not meet the needs of a particular project, CoorsTek engineers are uniquely qualified to develop an innovative solution.

Throughout our 110+ years of ceramics experience, CoorsTek has led the development of more than 400 advanced ceramic materials. We helped develop the technical ceramics industry from our porcelain labware to leading solutions for virtually every industry sector.


CoorsTek R&D partners with our customers to create customized solutions, drawing on the ceramic expertise we have developed for over a century. CoorsTek is constantly looking ahead, pushing the boundaries of materials science. For example, we worked with NASA on active ceramic membranes to convert the CO2-rich Martian atmosphere into high-purity O2, a critical part of the 2020 Mission to Mars.

As a vertically integrated manufacturer, CoorsTek controls every aspect of product production. This level of control and oversight allows for unmatched product quality.

Starting from raw materials, the CoorsTek Advanced Materials Processing (AMP) team enables the formulation of ceramic powders. 

CoorsTek timeline of developing its advance materials portfolio.

The materials are then fully evaluated in our comprehensive analytical labs. New product designs can be analyzed with computer simulation tools and rapidly prototyped, allowing us to bring products to volume production.


CoorsTek conducts a wide array of testing at our analytical laboratories. Housed within our renowned Research and Development centers, CoorsTek analytical labs conduct application development for our customers, including failure analysis of products produced by other manufacturers.

Testing can be conducted on virtually any material property, including chemical, thermal capacity, compositional, mechanical, and electrical analysis. Our state-of-the-art instrumentation is calibrated on a regularly scheduled basis and data is traceable to standards set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

CoorsTek Center for Advanced Materials
CoorsTek Center for Advanced Materials and Americas R&D Hub

CoorsTek Uden, The Netherlands
CoorsTek Uden, The Netherlands, office, manufacturing, Europe R&D hub.

CoorsTek Hadano, Japan
CoorsTek Hadano, Japan office, manufacturing, and Asia R&D hub.

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