COVID-19: Our Response to Customers

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Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020, CoorsTek has made the health of our employees, customers, and business partners our number one priority. We have been very fortunate in our ability to continue operations and to provide essential components to our customers in numerous industries.

The safety protocols we have implemented throughout this period have proven largely successful. While there have been some limited disruptions related to the pandemic, we have continued to operate in a manner that supports both the needs of our customers and the health of our employees. 

The CoorsTek Environmental Health & Safety team consistently monitors public health guidance and implements safety protocols in line with guidance from health authorities in countries where we operate. In addition to these precautionary measures, we proactively enact safety measures for diagnosed or suspected infections to limit exposure of the Covid-19 disease.

If you have additional questions regarding our customer response to Covid-19, please contact us.

Thank you for your continued business with CoorsTek.

Supplier information

As a key and valued supplier to CoorsTek, it is imperative you recognize the critical nature of your business with us. The goods and/or services you supply enable CoorsTek to support the critical infrastructure of industries and businesses worldwide.

Please notify CoorsTek immediately of any expected delays in products or durable goods from routine purchases, or delays of any significant order sizes or quantities.