Essential Critical Infrastructure Offerings*

Updated: March 28, 2020

According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency, "functioning critical infrastructure is imperative during the response to the COVID-19 emergency for both public health and safety as well as community well-being. Certain critical infrastructure industries have a special responsibility in these times to continue operations."

CoorsTek business and manufacturing is considered essential according to the guidelines issued by the Department of Homeland Security, Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency

In addition, several of our customers (LAM, AMAT, Bloom, Whirlpool, USI, etc.) have declared they are critical manufacturers and have identified CoorsTek as a critical supplier.  


Semiconductor Processing Equipment
Semiconductor Fabrication (Front End)

Industries: Semiconductor for medical, information technology, telecommunications and internet, aerospace, energy, transportation

Front end semiconductor manufacturing equipment is critical to the production of semiconductor processing chips that enable computers, cell phones, communications devices, medical equipment, transportation infrastructure, utility infrastructure, and virtually all other modern technologies.

Manufacturing Locations:

  • Worcester, MA  USA
  • Oak Ridge, TN  USA
  • Vista, CA  USA
  • Hillsboro, OR  USA
  • Glenrothes, Scotland UK
  • Gumi, Korea
  • Tokuyama, Japan
  • Nagasaki, Japan
  • Oguni, Japan
  • Hadano, Japan


9NEWS Denver Interviews Patty Mishic, CCO
April 14, 2020

KUSA-TV, 9NEWS Denver interview with CoorsTek Chief Commercial Officer, Patty Mishic, about the critical components CoorsTek is manufacturing for various medical devices and test kits to help in the fight against COVID-19.

Essential Components for the Healthcare Industry

Electronic Substrates

Thin Film Substrates
Thick Film Substates

Industries:  Electronics for medical, industrial, household, aerospace, transportation, information technology

Electronic substrates are essential elements of electronic packaging (circuit boards) that provide interconnections on electronic circuits. These necessary components are used in all electronics, including computers, telecom equipment and medical devices such as ventilators and disposable thermometers.

Manufacturing Locations:

  • Golden, CO  USA (Clear Creek Valley Plant)
  • Grand Junction, CO  USA
  • Glenrothes, Scotland, UK


Vacuum Interrupter and Precipitator Components
Power Utilities 

Industry: Utilities

Vacuum interrupter and precipitator components are crucial components for power grids and operations. Widely used in power generation, power distribution, and industrial plants, vacuum interrupters are a core component of medium to high voltage circuit breakers.

Manufacturing Locations:

  • US: Golden, CO (TMC East, 9th Street facilities)


Medical Pump Components
Medical Pumping Technologies

Industry: Medical/Healthcare

CoorsTek medical pump components (piston and sleeve sets) are used in piston, centrifugal, syringe, rotary and several other medical pumping technologies. These essential components are biocompatible and enable reliable, consistent dosing and other pump functions.

Manufacturing Location:

  • Golden, CO  USA (TMC North facility)


Ventilator Components
Medical Device Components

Industry: Medical/Healthcare

CoorsTek manufactures crucial components for pneumatic ventilators which operate on compressed air instead of electricity. The technical ceramic components used in the pneumatic valve prevent the valve from sticking, and ensure a long use life for the product.

Manufacturing Location:

  • Golden, CO  USA (TMC North facility)


X-Ray Tubes and Assemblies
Medical Device Components

Industry: Medical/Healthcare

CoorsTek provides essential metallized components for medical x-ray imaging applications.

Manufacturing Location:

  • Golden, CO  USA (TMC East facility)


Electrosurgical Device Components
Medical Device Components

CoorsTek manufactures a wide variety of components for the medical device industry, including biocompatible surgical device tips for ablation, cauterizing, laparoscopy.

Manufacturing Locations:

  • Golden, CO  USA (TMC North facility)
  • Grand Junction, CO


GPS Antenna Components
Antenna, Microwave & RF Components

Industry:  Aerospace, Communications

CoorsTek GPS antenna components are essential for on-board navigation and communication systems in aerospace applications including: altimeters, GPS, and Traffic Avoidance Collision Systems (TCAS). These components are also used to enable broadband WIFI. Major airliners have up to 35 antennas per aircraft.

Manufacturing Locations:

  • Golden, CO  USA (Clear Creek Valley Plant, TMC North, CoorsTek Center for Advanced Materials)


Cerbec® Bearing Elements
Ceramic Balls & Ball Blanks

Industries: Aerospace, transportation, medical, energy, industrial machinery and equipment

Cerbec® silicon nitride bearing elements enable critical-to-function medical, utility, aerospace, machinery and equipment flight control components, wind turbines, machinery and equipment, medical drills, airplane wing flaps, and more. 

Manufacturing Locations:

  • East Granby, CT USA
  • Robertsfors, Sweden


Aerospace & Defense Equipment
Aerospace, Armor, & Optical Components

CoorsTek manufactures a wide array of specialized components essential to the operations of the U.S. Department of Defense and U.S. allies, including: armor, aerospace and aviation, and optical components for sensing and imaging.

Manufacturing Locations:

  • USA:  Hillsboro, OR; Benton, Arkansas; Vista, CA; Golden, CO (TMC East, TMC North, 9th Street)


Seal Rings
Hard Face Seal Components

Industries:  Aerospace, transportation, energy production (oil and gas)

Hard face seal components are critical to fluid management operations in several different industries. 

Manufacturing Location:  

  • Benton, AR  USA


Household Components

Industries:  Household, industrial

CoorsTek igniters are essential household components for:

  • Gas heating systems (furnaces and boilers)
  • Ovens/ranges
  • Dryers


Manufacturing Locations:  

  • Milford, NH  USA
  • San Luis Potosi, Mexico


Sensor Components
Automotive Sensors

Industry:  Transportation

Technical ceramic sensor components are crucial elements in fluid, pressure, temperature, heating and cooling, and proximity sensing in automotive and trucking applications.

Manufacturing Locations: 

  • Golden, CO  USA (CCVP)
  • Uden, Netherlands


Pump, Valve and Pulsation Components for Energy Production
Oil & Gas Pump Components

Industries:  Oil and Gas

Pump, valve, and pulsation components are mission critical for energy production operations.

Manufacturing Locations:

  • Oklahoma City, OK  USA
  • Odessa, TX  USA
  • New Mills, England, UK


Metal Casting
FlowRite™ Foundry Filters

Industries:  Automotive/Transportation, Machinery & Equipment, Household Durables, and more.

Foundry filters for the effective removal of impurities in metal including. Used by metal casters worldwide in applications ranging from automotive chassis, aluminum, and cast iron products.

Manufacturing Locations:

  • Paris, Ontario  CAN


*Examples only. Not intended as a comprehensive list.