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CoorsTek COVID-19 Guiding Principles

Page Updated: April 29, 2022

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This guidance replaces the prior CoorsTek Internal Tier system and applies to all employees, regardless of an employee’s vaccination status. It is important to keep in mind that our protocols have been working for two years, and we need to continue to be diligent.

  • Masks – Wearing a mask at CoorsTek is voluntary unless a local government has a mask mandate. If you wear a mask (or are required by a local government to wear a mask), then the mask must be company-approved (i.e., surgical masks or KN95/N95). CoorsTek also strongly encourages employees to wear masks in the following situations:
    • If you are unvaccinated.
    • If you are immune compromised.
    • If you are in face-to-face meetings.
    • If you are on carpooling, on breaks, or having lunch with a group.
    • If social distancing cannot be guaranteed.

  • Work from home – Follow your country’s guidelines and align with your manager for flexible work arrangements, if applicable.

  • Meeting capacity – In person meetings should ensure reasonable space between attendees.

  • Visitors (internal and external) – do not travel or visit a CoorsTek location if you are positive for COVID-19 or are experiencing symptoms.
    • Complete onsite screening process.
    • Subject to local quarantine and testing requirements.

  • Testing – It is recommended that symptomatic employees obtain testing. An employee must obtain testing if required by a local government.

  • Contact tracing – All employees who test positive must advise their HRBP immediately and work with him or her to identify close contacts. Employees must also notify their HRBP if they have been identified as a close contact.
    • If an employee/visitor/traveler has been identified as a close contact, the employee must follow the current recommended local health guidance.

  • Employee screening – Employees should self-evaluate symptoms and temperature check either before coming on site or at the location’s self-screening station. Employees must not come to work if sick.

  • Cleaning – CoorsTek will continue to follow our internal cleaning protocols. All workstations from positive cases will be cleaned in accordance with CoorsTek cleaning protocols.

  • Pay Practices (US Only) – If positive or a close contact, an employee may receive up to 5 days’ pay in accordance with CoorsTek pay guidelines.


Government requirements supersede any of the requirements in this model. This guidance, February 22, 2022, supersedes any prior guidance issued and is subject to change.