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Your Voice Guides Our Investment In You. . .

Since the launch of our engagement survey, your feedback has directly contributed to many changes and accomplishments over the years. Below are the accomplishments since we started the survey several years ago: 

Corporate Activities  

Culture and Community

  • Family for Families provided over 1,000 grants in response to COVID-19 emergencies and winter storm disasters (2021)
  • Partnered with local clinics and pharmacies to provide on-site vaccination opportunities for our team members and family (2021)
  • Created Ambassador program to promote CoorsTek culture and values and to integrate new hires into the organization (2021)
  • Family for Families grants – 606 grants totaling $394,447 (2020)
  • Supported culture of belonging through behaviors identified in The CoorsTek Way (2020)
  • Hearing directly from global team members on the importance of “Valuing the inherent worth of every individual” (2020)
  • Targeted recruiting and networking to increase the diversity of our talent (2020)
  • Global movement challenge to inspire generosity and empathy towards each other (2020)


  • Refreshed Strategic Intent to focus on corporate priorities and initiatives that have largest impact (2021)
  • Launched Elements Global Intranet site with fresh look and new features to help drive productivity and employee engagement (2021)
  • Enhanced employee communications outreach with video messaging on YouTube channel (2020) 
  • Built Coronavirus communications site that does not require network access to ensure global employees receive real time safety communication (2020)
  • Increased use of tiered-communication boards to reach shop floor employees (2020)
  • Implemented group texting for emergency communications (2020)
  • ​Cascaded new corporate strategy to all levels (2017)
  • Communicated with all employees about org and job changes (2017; 2018)
  • Created onboarding toolkit​ (2017)
  • Focus Groups at every facility (2018)
  • Regular meetings with EIT when visiting locations (2018)
  • Additional kiosks added to support Workday (2018)
  • Monthly slide decks with consistent messaging across globe (2018)
  • Quarterly CEO business update (2018)
  • Shop-tiered communication (2019)
  • Share Your Concern line (2019)

Recognition & Rewards

  • Presented First Annual CoorsTek Way Award (2021)
  • All eligible employees awarded 2021 mid-year payout of 100% of their individual target (2021)
  • Market adjustments and new starting pay rates for all hourly roles (US) (2021)
  • Increased referral bonus and sign-on bonus as part of enhanced recruitment strategy (2021)
  • ​Implemented additional pay for COVID-related reasons to ensure our employees had options (US) (2020)
  • Individual performance component linked to IP opportunity (2020)
  • Continued prioritization of pay equity (2020) 
  • More competitive total rewards package (PTO change) (US)  (2020)
  • Introduced the CoorsTek Way Award (2020)
  • Redesigned CoorsTek incentive plan (2017)
  • Launched recognition boards (2017)
  • Enabled “anytime feedback” in Workday (2018)
  • Introduced service anniversary recognition guidelines (2017)
  • Created compensation philosophy videos (2017; 2018)​
  • Chairman's Award (2019)

Work Environment

  • Supported flexible working schedules to ensure our employees put their safety and families first during this pandemic (2020) 
  • Cleaner and safer plants due to preventative cleaning (2020)
  • Employee Referral Program for US (2020)
  • Global art contest for employees and their families (2020)

Professional Growth & Development​

  • Launched LinkedIn Learning to leaders and information workers (2021)
  • Enhanced Workday Learning platform for an improved learner experience (2021)
  • Aligned enterprise-wide learning to provide a strategic learning roadmap to enable workforce optimization and growth (2021)
  • Created Technical Trainer role as part of CoorsTek Academy faculty (2021)
  • Launched mentorship program (2017)
  • Expanded CoorsTek U offerings (2017)​
  • Introduced the CoorsTek Way (2017)​
  • Began globally consistent goal setting and performance management (2017)
  • Created a new career framework (2017)
  • Created videos on performance management and goal setting (2017); expanded course content and uploaded into Workday Learning (2018)​
  • Identified 150+ employees across the company to participate in Employee Insight Teams (EITs) to improve engagement (2018)​​
  • Launched Workday Learning (2018)
  • Introduced Talent Profiles (2018)
  • Provided training on applying for internal positions (2018)
  • Provided targeted leadership training​ (2018)
  • Launched Talent Review and Development Planning (2019)
  • 800+ courses in Workday Learning; 40,000+ completed in first year (2019)

Wellness and Work/Life Balance

  • ​​Brought micro-markets and healthy vending choices to many plants (2017)
  • Created forums to educate employees about wellness (2017)
  • Brought partners and wellness events on-site (2018)
  • Expanded benefits offerings (2018)
  • Adjusted overtime expectations in most plants (2018)

EIT / Employee-Driven Activities​


  • ​Came up with the vision for recognition / "Shout Out" boards, which were launched companywide

  • Identified additional creative ways to recognize fellow employees



  • ​Established regular communication meetings at many locations

  • Focus groups

  • Created various site newsletters

  • Improved shift handoff procedures / checklists

  • Provided opportunities for employees to share ongoing feedback

  • Monthly industry and product spotlight to educate employees on end-use


Professional Growth & Development​

  • ​​Provided company-related training and information-sharing forums

  • Established "lunch and learns" and other training opportunities

  • Participation in EIT and Wellness initiatives



  • Established various wellness competitions and challenges

  • Monthly wellness topic

  • Local wellness champion


Community & Teamwork

  • ​​Improved facilities and working conditions

  • Hosted various social activities

  • Sponsored volunteer activities in our communities

  • Encouraged new levels of connection with company leaders


  • ​​Connected engagement to safety performance

  • Increased near-miss reports by 5x

  • Began consistently measuring on-time completion of corrective actions