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Antenna, Microwave, and RF Components

Navigation & Communication

Gripen fighter jet.Navigation and communication are critical elements when flying. With up to 35 antennas per aircraft in major airliners, reducing weight while ensuring unquestionable reliability are critical factors for aerospace communication. Our ceramic components can be found in many on-board communication systems, such as: 

  • Altimeters

  • L1 and L2 GPS

  • RF Communications (UHF/VHF)

  • Traffic Avoidance Collision Systems (TCAS)

  • Broadband WiFi

Ceramic Components for Antennas, RF, & Microwave


Metallized alumina GPS antenna for aerospace and automotive applications.Metallized Antenna Components

Severe-service ceramic-metal and metallized antenna components and arrays serve in airborne and spaceborne environments.


RF & Microwave Components

CoorsTek provides advanced ceramic components used in high-power, high-frequency systems such as medical imaging, airport scanning, and microwave gyrotrons. 


Custom Microwave & RF Components & Assemblies

CoorsTek works with you to design and produce a wide range of advanced ceramic components and brazed assemblies for your specific microwave and RF applications — from rapid prototyping through volume production.