Aircraft Armor

CeraShield™ Ceramic Armor Panels for Aircraft

CoorsTek provides some of the lightest armor components by developing specialty materials and processes for superior ballistic performance with minimal weight. Our lightweight technical ceramic tiles employ tight-tolerance manufacturing standards, high-purity formulations, and controlled microstructures to ensure durable performance, and consistently reliable defense to unexpected threats.

Aircraft defense armor array using technical ceramics.

Alumina aircraft defense armor array tiles for modular assembly.

advanced performance for ultimate protection

Performance & Assembly Advantages

CoorsTek CeraShield™ ceramics offer many advantages over conventional materials. Our specially formulated ceramic armor materials provide:

  • Low weight
  • High hardness
  • Controlled, uniform microstructures
  • Compatibility for use in finished armor systems with proven ballistic performance for national and international design standards

CoorsTek offers advanced ceramic tiles of a large range of shapes and sizes in addition to customized assemblies. Our engineers utilize modular assemblies to maximize protection while allowing for quick replacement and minimal weight.

Superior Lightweight Protection Using Next-Generation Ceramic Materials

CoorsTek offers lightweight, superior-quality aircraft armor tiles in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, thicknesses, and materials including:

  • CeraShield™ High-Density Aluminum Oxides
    • Traditional monolithic material
  • CeraShield Silicon Carbides
    • Superior hardness for advanced threats
    • Lower weight with higher performance benefits
  • CeraShield Boron Carbides
    • Exceedingly hard for extreme energy dissipation
    • Lowest density for ultra-lightweight designs

CoorsTek can produce tiles at extremely high-volume production while maintaining excellent quality standards utilizing multiple secure facilities.