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The automotive & transportation landscape is changing rapidly. From autonomous technologies to electric and advanced fueling systems to car sharing and connected mobility, transportation systems of the future will require new and innovative technologies, materials, and designs. Systems will run hotter, longer, and have more electrical and wireless connections. In the meantime, traditional vehicles equipped with internal combustion engines still rule the road, and performance standards on these systems continue to increase. 

For now and into the foreseeable future, automobiles will continue to require components manufactured from cutting edge materials. Technical ceramics are some of the few materials available that can meet the needs of this ever changing industry.

With unsurpassed materials and manufacturing expertise, global capacity, and an unwavering commitment to quality, CoorsTek is the international partner of choice for automotive & transportation suppliers requiring the unique, high performance properties of technical ceramics. Realize the competitive edge with CoorsTek.

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Racing stripe with technical ceramic substrates for automotive electronic applications.



Automotive & transportation applications require materials that push beyond the limits of traditional materials. Technical ceramics can survive extreme temperature and corrosive environments that destroy metals and plastics. They offer superior mechanical strength and have numerous other material properties that can be engineered to fit the application, such as superior dielectric strength.

There is no one particular property that makes ceramic worthy of being labeled the powerhouse of advanced materials. It is the combination of properties—along with the versatility and range of materials that set them apart.

CoorsTek ceramic components for automotive offer outstanding performance since they can be both electrically insulative and thermally conductive at the same time, which is not possible with metals (electrically conductive) or plastics (thermally insulative). Ceramics can also be engineered to be as strong as metals—outperforming them in many mechanically demanding transportation applications.

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