Automotive Electronics

Substrate group for automotive electronics made with the technical ceramic alumina.

Automotive-Grade Ceramic Electronic Substrates & Components

Automotive engineers and designers use ceramic electronic substrates and components to provide better reliability, environmental performance, and lifetime for engine, transmission, chassis, safety, driver assistance, passenger comfort, and infotainment systems and modules. 

Family of substrates for automotive applications made with alumina.

Ceramic Electronic Substrates

Alumina and aluminum nitride substrates are used for the demanding critical-duty requirements of hybrid thin-film and thick-film circuitry in today's automobiles. CoorsTek provides a range of automotive-grade options from bare substrates to metallized circuits. 

Family of carbon brushes for automotive applications made with technical ceramics.

Carbon Brushes for Power Motors

CoorsTek is the leading provider of carbon brushes for small, lead-free automotive motors used in applications such as:

  • Power windows
  • Power door locks
  • Mirror adjustment
  • Air conditioning dampers  

LED circuit board for automotive electronic applications made with technical ceramics.

Automotive Lighting Components

CoorsTek engineered technical ceramics are used to deliver high-brightness, small-footprint LED (light emitting diode) and laser components that improve output, color rendering, and useful life.

Metallized alumina GPS antenna component for automotive applications.

Antenna Components

CoorsTek metallizes ceramic substrates to create antenna components for GPS and other radio frequency applications.