Advanced Ceramic Components for Automotive Chassis & Body

CoorsTek works with automobile manufacturers and suppliers to provide innovative custom ceramic components for automotive chassis, structural, and body.

Automotive chassis leveling valves made with the technical ceramic alumina.

Chassis Leveling Valves

CoorsTek ceramic chassis leveling valves and assemblies deliver durable, lightweight, corrosion-resistant operation — with consistent lifetime performance while resisting debris, vibration, and changing environmental conditions. 

Ballistic armor door panel from Dew Engineering, a subsidiary of CoorsTek.

Vehicle Ballistic Armor

CoorsTek is the leader in ballistic-grade ceramic armor for police, security, and military vehicles. Vehicle OEMs, police departments and upfitters choose CoorsTek CeraShield™ ceramic armor door panel inserts for superior protection from armor-piercing ammunition. We are proud to work together to protect those who protect us. Learn more.