Silicon nitride automotive fuel pump seals.

Extend Powertrain Life & Reliability with Engineered Ceramics

Engine and drivetrain suppliers are using engineered ceramic components to improve the performance, lifetime, and reliability of automobile engines and drivetrains — including balls, bearings, seals, and valves.

Cerbec silicon nitride bearing balls.

Automotive Balls & Bearings

Engineered technical ceramic balls and bearings are ideal for automotive drivetrain components — helping engines run longer, smoother and cooler. Cerbec® balls and bearings made with CoorsTek silicon nitride (Si3N4) are inherently lighter, stiffer, smoother, harder, corrosion resistant, and require less lubrication than their steel counterparts. This means Cerbec bearings can run at higher speeds and higher operating temperatures with lower torque. 

  • Fuel injector valves
  • Seat belt bearings

Silicon nitride hard face seal for automotive applications.

Hard Face Seal Components

In automobile fluid controls, advanced ceramic seals provide long-life, high-reliability performance. Hard face seal components are used in critical-duty applications such as:

  • Fuel pump seals
  • Water pump seals 


Family of foundry filters made with mullite for metal foundry filtration applications.


CoorsTek Flow-Rite® ceramic filters remove particulate from molten metal used for automotive castings such as engine blocks and heads, axle and transmission housings, and more. These thermally stable alumina-silicate components provide superior filtration of iron, aluminum, and steel castings at foundries worldwide. Learn more

Alumina automotive rotary side valve components.


CoorsTek engineered ceramic valve components stand up to the high-cycle, harsh environments of automobile powertrain and fluid control valve applications including:

  • Chassis leveling valves
  • Metering valve plungers
  • Fuel injector valve assemblies
  • Rotary & slide valves   

Turbocharger rotor made with silicon nitride.

Engine Components

CoorsTek engineered ceramic components are critical in the most severe automotive powertrain applications — delivering superior reliability and useful life in high temperature, high stress, and corrosive environments. Silicon nitride, for example, is inherently lighter, stiffer, smoother, harder, corrosion resistant, and requires less lubrication than steel engine component counterparts.  

Alumina substrate group for automotive electronic applications.

Electric Vehicle Components

The robust electric properties of advanced ceramics make them a natural for electric vehicle (EV) and hybrid applications. From power electronics substrates and high-performance insulators to hybrid bearings using Cerbec® balls, CoorsTek has the materials expertise and capabilities to support your high-efficiency vehicle applications.

Technical ceramic tubes and rods for automotive fuel cells.

Fuel Cell Components

CoorsTek provides CeramiCell® ceramic fuel cell components for use in fuel cell vehicles (FCV). With over two decades of experience, we work with fuel cell designers and manufacturers to provide custom half cells, ceramic tubes, and planar substrates.   

  • Half cells
  • Ceramic tubes
  • Planar substrates 

Automotive hydraulic accumulators from Steelhead Composites, a subsidiary of CoorsTek.

Hydraulic Hybrid Accumulators

Lightweight, high-pressure accumulators are a vital part of every hydraulic hybrid vehicle — recapturing energy through pressurized fluid in the stop-and-go drive cycle. Steelhead Composites accumulators are rated for high operating pressures while reducing vehicle weight.