Ceramic Catalyst Support Media

Family of catalyst carriers made with technical ceramics for chemical processing applications.

Precision Ceramic Catalyst Support Media for Consistent Chemical Processing


Petrochemical & Chemical Manufacturing Solutions 

CoorsTek offers a wide range of ceramic catalyst support media for precision manufacturing of chemicals and petrochemicals.

As a world leader in advanced technical ceramics, CoorsTek has deep materials expertise and exceptional high-volume capabilities.

Consistent, Pressed Catalyst Support Media & Components Improve Performance

Preferred for their performance and process control, CoorsTek ceramic rings are pressed in multi-cavity molds for precise dimensions and geometries. 

High-Purity Ceramic Materials for Catalyst Support

CoorsTek advanced ceramics are engineered to your specific chemical composition and performance requirements including:

You'll find our materials:

  • Resist corrosion in aggressive chemical environments
  • Reduce particulate contamination
  • Exhibit high-purity characteristics
  • Significantly reduce grit, fine powder clogs, and contamination vs. extruded media

Ceramic Catalyst Benefits & Capabilities

  • Precise dimensional tolerances
  • Constant liter weight
  • Virtual elimination of hot spots
  • Exceptionally low pressure drops in chemical converters

Typical Chemical Processing Applications Include:

  • Fixed-bed reactors
  • Slurry-bed reactors
  • Shell-type catalyst
  • Phthalic Anhydride (PA) catalyst supports
  • Maleic Anhydride (MAN) catalyst supports
  • Oxichlorination fixed bed catalyst supports
  • LSA carriers
  • HSA carriers

World-Class Catalyst Support Quality

Our signature operational excellence system ensures the highest quality ceramic catalyst support media — manufactured with state-of-the-art equipment and inspected to the highest degree of compliance.

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