Ceramic Chemical Converters, Supports, Gauzes, and Ferrules

Group of cordierite chemical converters, supports, gauzes, and ferrules.

Advanced Ceramics for Chemical Converters, Supports for Precious Metal Gauzes, and Ferrules for Heat Exchanger Tubes

Hydrocyanic Acid Manufacturing and Nitrous Oxide Abatement Solutions

As the world's leading technical ceramics manufacturer, we offer a wide range of components and materials dedicated to precision manufacturing of chemicals.

Supports for Precious Metal Gauzes

Advanced ceramic supports from alumina, cordierite, silicon carbide, and mullite materials provides superior chemical, corrosion, and thermal shock resistance. CoorsTek flat and corrugated ceramic supports are optimized for harsh chemical processing environments. 

Alumina Ferrules for Heat Exchanger Tubes

CoorsTek alumina ferrules are offered in a variety of shapes and alumina grades, engineered to optimize the performance of each waste heat exchanger. Contact our experts today to determine the best material and configuration for your application.

High-Performance Ceramic Support Components

We offer material and design options to maximize performance of each ceramic support/honeycomb carrier:

  • Variable honeycomb cell sizes & shapes
  • Corrugated ceramic support surfaces
  • Higher free-flow surfaces
    • Reduce pressure drops in converter
    • Allow for thicker catalyst gauze
    • Result in higher converter efficiency

Typical Chemical Processing Applications Include:

  • Hydrocyanic acid manufacturing
  • Nitrous oxide abatement
  • Any process requiring:
    • Thermal shock resistance
    • Corrosion resistance
    • Chemical resistance
    • High-temperature stability

Rapid-Turn Manufacturing

Our streamlined manufacturing processes ensure we deliver according to schedule. We also offer quick-turn prototyping and sampling for streamlined transitions to our high-quality, high-performance components.