Chemical Porcelain Labware

Manufactured since the early 1910s, our chemical and scientific labware products remain reliable, staple items in everyday laboratories. CoorsTek labware is produced in a variety of ceramic materials ranging from standard porcelain to high-purity alumina and zirconia — providing excellent thermal-shock resistance, prolonged life, hardness, and refractory qualities. Mortars and pestles, boats, crucibles, cups, and dishes are just a few of the products offered. Browse the complete labware line.


Polycrystalline Crucibles

CoorsTek also manufactures a full line of polycrystalline translucent crucibles for TGA and DSC analysis applications.*


Polycrystalline Tubes & Rods

Polycrystalline alumina tubes and rods are ideal for aggressive laboratory environments where metal and traditional ceramic materials do not meet stability requirements. Learn More 

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Variety of porcelain labware for chemical processing.

*Translucent crucibles are not available for online purchase at this time.